How to choose styrofoam recycling equipment

Styrofoam recycling equipment has made significant leaps in the last decade, making the recycling process easier, faster and more cost effective. While taking into consideration the types of styrofoam you will be processing, as well as your facility and its surroundings, another main consideration in equipment selection is staff. Many systems require only one person to dump the styrofoam on a conveyor, which automatically feeds the styrofoam to a grinder, which then feeds into a hopper. Once the hopper is full, the densifier will turn-on automatically and start generating logs of densified material, which can be stacked on a pallet. Hasswell can offer this kind of styrofoam recycling system. Please contact Jossie at 86-20-87566110 for detailed information.

Styrofoam Recycling Machine With Conveyor

Styrofoam Recycling Machine With Conveyor

The result: the only labor required is to unload the collected styrofoam, remove any contaminate, and then stack the densified logs on a pallet. Choosing a system that keeps staff costs low can make all the difference in establishing a successful operation.

Making the space

It’s possible to create an efficient system in only 85 sq. ft. of space. If space is limited, some grinders can be housed separately from the densifier, and a blower can then be used to transport the ground foam through a tube to a hopper up to 100 feet away from the grinder.


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