Polyurethane Foam Densifier

Hasswell newly develop polyurethane foam densifier that is specially used to compact polyurethane foam. This foam densifier can reduce polyurethane foam volume by 20 times and greatly save storage and transportation costs.

Polyurethane Foam Densifier | Styrofoam Densifier

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Densifier:

• Recycle and sell it instead of paying for landfill
• High compression ration
• Saving stocking, transporting and disposing costs
• Integrity of the material suitable for recycling
• Less man power
• Low operation and maintenance costs
• Affordable price

Main Features of Polyurethane Foam Densifier:

• Three phase 400V/480V
• Low power consumption
• Low noise and low dust
• Small size and high efficiency
• Safe and easy to operate
• Integrated waste physical status
• CE certified

Watch How Polyurethane-Foam Densifier Works:

Polyurethane Foam Densifier Specification:

Polyurethane Foam Densifier Specification | Styrofoam Densifier


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