Study on Recycling of styrofoam that We Should Know

Styrofoam (EPS) plastic with low density, high specificity, low water absorption, acid and alkali, good insulation, can be decorated, easy to shape, etc., which makes it a rapid development, and is one of the most widely used plastics in the world today.

Styrofoam applies in the home appliances, office machinery buffer packaging materials, containers and disposable tableware, etc. are used in large quantities as a one-time use of packaging materials, because of light weight, large size, with anti-aging, corrosion and difficult to be biodegradable.However, it dealing with a major problem, causing serious environmental pollution. So recycling of styrofoam is very important.

It is necessary for us to depend on special styrofoam recycling equipment to recycle styrofoam. Styrofoam densifier is the main styrofoam recycling equipment. Harden can manufacture styrofoam densifiers with four models.

Styrofoam Densifier

Styrofoam Densifier

Harden styrofoam densifier uses innovative technology to compress bulky styrofoam waste extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks – with no re-expansion. The extreme reduction in volume thus achieved (in the ratio of 50:1) does not only produce a considerable saving in transport and disposal costs, but the blocks produced can be also recycled as raw material, therefore contributing to a rapid amortisation.

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