Styrofoam is filling up landfill

Styrofoam is filling up landfillStyrofoam has the potential to affect the entire ecological system of this planet. Used in product packages and the shipping industry, the world produces tons of Styrofoam each year which is now a major environmental problem. Landfills are filling up at a record rate and Styrofoam is one reason and Styrofoam is non-biodegradable adds to the ecological impact.

Styrofoam and its products fill up 30 percent of  landfill space, and landfills are being fulled fast. On average, each one of us puts out about 5 pounds of trash a day. This adds up to about a ton of trash per person every year that eventually ends up in a landfill. A Recycling Revolution reports that packaging material makes up one-third of an average dump. Five percent of the world’s population generate 40 percent of the world’s trash.

The solution to the Styrofoam problem is finding and using alternative materials. Recycled paper products are the best alternative, according to Earth Resource Foundation. Paper recycling also saves trees and contributes to an overall savings when compared to Styrofoam. Paper products are biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment. Easily recycled, paper is good for shipping and product packaging.

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