Styrofoam recycling is not always easy

Recycling is not always easy. But many of the nation’s businesses and organizations recycle styrofoam packaging products with success. Styrofoam recycling programs vary from organization to organization but all demonstrate a commitment to the environment and to sound business practices.

Styrofoam recycling | Hasswell TechnologyThe basic goal of PS: Think Recycling is to provide a realistic look at EPS recycling and solutions. The decision to implement an Styrofoam recycling program should be based on sound economic and environmental considerations. If you decide that an Styrofoam recycling program makes sense, this manual will help determine what form it should take, as well as offer specific guidelines to help the program run efficiently.

A dedicated, single-stream Styrofoam recycling program is described in this manual, but the same steps can be used to incorporate Styrofoam into an organization’s existing recycling program. The four basic steps critical to implementing a successful polystyrene recycling program are:

• Estimate the amount of Styrofoam
• Find a recycler
• Design a program
• Educate participants

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