Styrofoam Recycling Solution

Why We Need Waste Styrofoam Recycling Line?

Styrofoam contains 95 -98 % of air and 2-5% of  Styrofoam. It is light in weight and difficult to handle. Moreover, you need pay high transportation and disposing costs for landfill.  Styrofoam is 100% recyclable and recycled Styrofoam can it be made into coat hangers, CD/video cassettes, plant pots, picture frame, decoration profile, etc.

Styrofoam Recycling

Styrofoam Recycling Process

At present, the recycling of styrofoam basically follows the following process:

Compaction – Styrofoam products are fed to a compactor in order to reduce its volume. Some compactor systems have a compaction ratio of up to 50:1, which means that it can reduce the volume by up to 98%.

Shredding – Larger pieces are shredded into flakes. Packaging “peanuts” – small styrofoam pieces used to cushion fragile items.

Melting/Extrusion – The flakes are forced through pelletizing extruders where they are heated and melted, then allowed to cool in order to solidify. The resulting material can then be used, through reheating and melting, to produce clothes hangers, picture frames, DVD cases and numerous other plastic products.

1. Trays of styrofoam are
compacted for shipment.

EPS Compactor for EPS recyclingcompacted eps

2. The compaction of styrofoam allows for a reduction by 30-50 times the number of shipments needed to move the material.

transport EPS

3. The compacted blocks of styrofoam are shredded into flakes in preparation for introduction into the pelletizing extruder.

Single Shaft Shredder

4. The shredded flakes of styrofoam are converted back into the polystyrene pellet.

Single Screw Extruder


5. The styrofoam pellets are mixed with additives and color in the compounding pelletizer line and re-pelletized prior to introduction into the profile lines for profile production.

Twin Screw Extruder

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